Rainbow Raceway

I know there is a lot of people out there who have been and still are searching for photos and history of Franklin, NC’s now closed Rainbow Raceway. A 1/4 mile race track that raced years ago. Other than a few news paper clippings, photos, and one old film converted and posted on you tube there isn’t much out there. But I am going to create a section on my website for this information. I will continue to grow that section as more photos and information become available.

To visit the page with everything on it, CLICK HERE

There will also be a permanent link very soon at the top of the webpage.

For now, here is a bit of teaser of some old news paper clippings, I will be working on scanning them all over the next month or so.

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If anyone has any pictures or video they would like to add to the page, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE email me!! jeff@jdsmotorsports.com

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