Mecum Auctions Anaheim: Thursday

Day one of the 2013 Mecum Auctions in Anaheim. Here are our cars to watch for today! For all of today’s cars, CLICK HERE

Lot T131: Always really liked this “Lemans” style setup on an early C3, just never had the heart to do it to one myself!

Lot T76: What a cool cruiser this would be! Especially if the mileage is correct!

Lot T33:This little Vega caught my eye, you just never see any stock, clean Vega’s for sale.

Lot T52: How AWESOME is this thing, I’m not really into old fire trucks, but I am into early F-series trucks, this thing is just too cool.

Lot T79: These late 2nd gen Camaro’s are getting more popular by the minute. This one looks to be a very clean, original example of one.


(All photos credits belong to Mecum Auctions and



Stay tuned for more cars to watch tomorrow and Saturday!

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