Mecum Auctions: Anaheim “Road Art”

Always a treat at all the Mecum Auctions is the “Road Art”. Take a look at some of the highlights from this years Mecum Anaheim Auction coming up this weekend.

For all the items, CLICK HERE


(All Photos Credit and Mecum Auctions)

1890-Era-HC-Evans-Race-Horse-Gambling 1940-Era-Roulette-Wheel-On-1950-Era 1950-Era-BC-Willis-Black-Jack-Table 1953-Lusse-Auto-Skooter-Electric-Bumper-Car 1971-Chevrolet-Corvette-Jr-Fiberglass-Go Bulk-Oil-Can-SUNOCO-Embossed Coca-Cola-Light-Up-Clock Eveready-Flashlights-And-Batteries-Sign McDonalds-Arches-Illuminated-Sign Schneider-Cams-Shop-Sign Scopitone-Video-Jukebox

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