Mustang Week 2013 Event Coverage: Sunday 7-14

What a nice day in Myrtle Beach! Mid 80’s, nice breeze! Praying this weather keeps up all week! The Mustang’s are really starting to roll in! The “Special Event Parking” signs are out in force here at Holiday Sands South and the mini-vans are quickly being replaced with Mustangs out in the front parking lot.

For all of today’s pictures CLICK HERE

(Note: I know day one and day two have been slim on pictures, but they will really start flowing tomorrow! I’ve just been taking a few random shots with my I-phone the past two days, tomorrow the Nikon comes out!)

A few of my favorites from today.

Look at the back wheel on that coupe!

The waves were nasty today, the beach was closed to swimming most of the day!

I shot some cool time lapse footage with my Go Pro today, stay tuned for the video sometime shortly after Mustang Week!

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Don’t forget to check out our Unofficial Mustang Week Guide by CLICKING HERE

If you haven’t already bought a chance to win Southeastern Foxbodies’ “Save-A-Fox” 1989 Ford Mustang Give-A-Way car this Saturday CLICK HERE! Online ticket sales are sold out, but you can still buy a ticket at some of the events later on in the week at Mustang Week.

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