Mustang Week 2013 Coverage: Saturday 7-13

Mustang Week 2013 is finally here!!!!!!!

We rolled out of Franklin, NC this morning about 7 am headed for the beach! It was cloudy and damp most of the way although it never did really rain, just drizzle on us occasionally along the way.

501 traffic was a nightmare as usual!

But when we FINALLY got to the beach, the sun was out and blue skies were everywhere!

If your not staying at Holiday Sands South, you must be staying at the 2nd best because this is the place to be!

Got the cars unloaded and the trailer parked.

Just in time before the rains came in!

But the rains didn’t last long in typical beach fashion!

By the time we got back from dinner there was probably a dozen or so Mustang’s scattered throughout the motel.


To see all the pictures from today CLICK HERE

After a long drive its time to head to bed! Stay tuned to for all your Mustang Week coverage. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @jdsmotorsports for live updates!

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If you haven’t already bought a chance to win Southeastern Foxbodies’ “Save-A-Fox” 1989 Ford Mustang Give-A-Way car this Saturday CLICK HERE!

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