Unofficial Mustang Week Guide 2013

Newbie to Mustang Week? Seasoned veteran who still doesn’t want to miss a thing? Well this is your quick reference to everything Mustang Week for 2013.

The first place to remember is It is your number one source for information through out the week online. Below we’ve broken it down into some quicker links for easy on the go access.

Event Schedule

Event Overview

Discussion Forum

This is your go to place for up to date Mustang Week info and discussion! If you haven’t registered already now is a good time to do it!

Also while you are on Mustang Week’s site be sure and check out all the awesome sponsors of Mustang Week that make it all possible!


Also will be hosting several events during the week. Check the link below for them.

And for my personal favorite event of the week, the 7th Annual Foxbody Cruise presented by

For info on the cruise click the link below!

Also be sure and visit for all your foxbody fix, both at Mustang Week and every day!

During the week we will have daily photo updates on our website. These updates will start on the Saturday before Mustang Week. The time will vary depending on what all is going on at the beach and what time I can get the hotel internet to load the pictures.

We will also be providing various live updates and pictures via twitter @jdsmotorsports and on Instagram @jdsmotorspots

You can also follows us on facebook by CLICKING HERE

Also be sure and check out the official Mustang Week facebook page by CLICKING HERE

You can also follow along on twitter at @MBMustangWeek

You can also follow them on Instagram @mustangweek

And last but not least, be sure and check out Southeastern Foxbodies Save-A-Fox giveaway car while your at the beach! is also a proud sponsor of Save-A-Fox. If you haven’t checked it out already visit for all the details!

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