Pigeon Forge Rod Run: The Edits

I’m not a big editor of my photos, number one because when I go to an event I try to take as many pictures as possible and get them posted online as quickly as possible. My whole reason and love for photography is to share events with people who aren’t able to go. If I spent hours editing I’d never get the photos up. Number two, I think if you shoot with a high enough quality camera, you shouldn’t need to edit every shot to make it look good. But I do from time to time like to play around and edit some photos after an event.  So with that being said here are my “edits” for Pigeon Forge Rod Run Spring 2013.

DSC_0003-001 DSC_0005 DSC_0020-001 (2) DSC_0020-001 DSC_0032-001 DSC_0038-001 (2) DSC_0038-001 DSC_0063-001 DSC_0072-001 DSC_0093-001 DSC_0094-001 DSC_0101-001 DSC_0104-001 DSC_0147-001 DSC_0163-001 DSC_0174-001 DSC_0237-001 DSC_0293-001 DSC_0304-001 DSC_0003-001 (2)

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