Ebay Find Of The Week: 1971 Plymouth “Winged Warrior”

This weeks Ebay Find Of The Week is a unique one for sure. I’ve always been a fan of the concept 1971 winged cars and this recreation is very cool. A “what if” of sorts. Check it out!

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Here is the article from the ad.

1971 Nascar Replica. Stickered as a Bobby Isaac 1970 “Winged Warror” This car was built by Dana Warriax, who worked for many Nascar teams over his lifetime, spent the last 10 years of his life building this car.

Just a special note to everyone, Mike Warriax saw my ad on ebay and contacted me. Mike Warriax is Dana Warriax’s brother. I have aquired more information on the car. Pictures of the ground up restoration, extra parts for the car including, 4 speed transmission, 2 pistons, extra coolers, and a box full of other assorted parts. Also giant stack of reciepts of everything done to the car. Some of the information is going to change a little bit, you know how the stories change when cars get sold from one person to the next!

He intended to have a Nascar flavored streetable car that could race at the Maxton Mile (Land Speed style track, running flying mile for top speed) near his home in North Carolina. He also intended to take it to Bonneville. Dana, a master race car fabricator, started with a very solid Southern car like he raced in the past. So a ’71 Satellite was the base. After being stripped to the bare tub he started a 10 year journey to recreate a Nascar legend. Era type rear wing, custom handmade, totally a piece of art.

Custom side-pipes are handmade from stainless steel. The car is totally street legal with working doors, lights, turn signals, wipers etc. Everything to be street legal. Full roll cage, full period style Stewart Warner instruments. CD player, full carpeting, new race harnesses, race style bucket seats by Mastercraft, race legal ATL Nascar fuel cell, 32 gallons, Holly electric fuel pump, full floater Ford 9 inch rear end, Detroit locker, Willwood 4 wheel disc brakes, 572 Hemi Motor, Hemi 4 speed transmission, Lakewood blow-proof bell-housing, Ram clutch and flywheel, giant front sway-bar, with vintage original Nascar heavy duty spindles (much stronger than stock) has Nascar scratch tires by Goodyear and Aero Nascar wheels, also comes with a set of custom Billet wheels, 17 inch Goodyear F1 tires, also has mount for parachute behind the license plate. TTI coated headers 572ci all aluminum HEMI motor. Started with a new Keith Black aluminum block, 6k alone, Keith Black Billet external oil system, Oliver crank, Manley rods, JE Pistons, Comp roller cam with a pair of Indy cylinder heads, 440 CFM! We thought that his engine was assembled by his old friend, Pete Taylor who was the chief engine builder for Holman and Moody back in the glory days, but the reciepts show that Dana himself built the motor. Keith Black aluminum block have all the receipts showing the machine work and parts in the motor. Indy cylnder hears Dynoed over 750 hp. Have all information that you would ever want on the motor, cylnder heads, everything. MSD distributor, MSD ignition, custom Nascar fans and aluminum radiator, many more details, look at the pictures. If you want a streetable monster, this is a unique car with A/C, twin coolers for trans and rear end, cooler pump runs off rear end Nascar style. Totally awesome workmanship, LOOK AT THE PICTURES! I know that people are going to realize that this is a Plymouth, and Bobby Isaac drove a Dodge, but as you know, Bobby Isaac was the “Winged Warrior God” especially in 1971 at Bonneville, over 20 records went down that year alone.

To view the item on Ebay CLICK HERE

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