Motorama Auto Auction; Fletcher, NC 1-5-2013

If you haven’t been to one of Gene Gore’s Motorama Auto Auctions in Fletcher, NC your really missing out. Free admission, good reasonably priced food, free bidders passes, lots of nice cars, its a good time. Plus Gene has always got something entertaining to say on the mic up front. Its also free to bring a car to the auction. You only pay if you sell.

But that’s not all, Mr. Gore gives proceeds of the auction to “Courageous Kids”, children with cancer. This particular auction was to help a young man named Tyler. Tyler has a rare form of cancer(and forgive me but I missed/can’t remember the exact name of it). Tyler has had 55 operations and is about to go for another one.

Before the auction began a nice rendition of Amazing Grace was sang in memory of those lost in the tragic school shooting last December.

The auction started out with some donated items to raise money for Tyler.
NASCAR champion and NASCAR Hall of Fame member David Pearson was on hand and he joined in the fund raising. Here he is giving the money that was raised the night before for an autographed model race car to Tyler.

Then it was time to auction off another autographed Pearson collectible.

The car sold the first time for $200, then the winner gave it back to auction it again, it sold for $150 the second time, again it was given back, $175 the third time, again given back and finally sold for the last time at $100. So one little model car raised $625!

Besides the model car they also auctioned off the following for Tyler.

Two Pit Bikes @ $400 each

Set of Redline Tires and Wheels @ $425

Mustang Hubcaps @ 145

Mustang Hubcaps @75

Two Dale Earnhardt Leather Jackets @ $75 each

Kyle Busch Toyota Jacket @ $60

Homemade Quilt @ $100

A “Michelin Man” @ $325

A Set of Wire Wheels @ $250

A Ferrari Jacket @125

Half of the 50-50 drawing also went to Tyler. Along with 40 more dollars that the winner donated to him bringing that total to $180.

Bringing the grand total to $3260. Another gentlemen who’s name I didn’t catch donated $100 dollars as well. Plus whatever proceeds go to him. That’s a pretty impressive amount of money! Here is a couple of candid shot’s of Tyler I tried to catch of him smiling looking at all the money.

After that it was on to the auction cars! I didn’t get an exact number but I’d estimate somewhere close to 200 cars were ran across the blocks Friday night and Saturday. A good number of the cars were selling and a lot of them were at great prices!

Here is a few cars that I thought were a pretty good buy. Keep in mind these totals don’t include the buyer and sellers fees.

The first car across the block was this Ford Thunderbird which sold for $20,000 which I thought was a fair price to start the auction off on a selling note.

This C3 Corvette sold for $6750.

This 2001 Ford SVT Lightning F150 had a lot of miles but a new motor and sold for $6300.

This red Mustang sold for $3,000.

To see all of the pictures from the auction CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for all the pictures

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