TMD “Fired Up Friday” Response 11-30-12

My reply to “Fired Up Friday” on the daily Sirius-XM satellite radio show The Morning Drive with Mike Bagley and Pete Pistone. Because of work I don’t have time to call in every week but I will respond on here! Comments to the blog are more than welcome!

#1 ” What is the best event of Champions Week and why?”

By far Nascar After The Lap. Where else do you get to see the driver’s let their hair down so to speak? Well besides in Brad Keselowski’s 2013 Championship celebration…..
The Stewie Awards come in a close second but without Tony being on the air each week on Sirius XM they have lost some of there appeal and credibility. The rest of the Championship week festivities are just like going through the motions, does anyone even watch the awards ceremony?

#2 “What is your favorite new car design for 2013”?

Wow, this is a tough one. Honestly I can’t decide. They are all awesome. The Dodge sticks out in my mind I think because for one its the first one we saw. It has probably the most unique nose piece and that really stands out. I like the nose on the Toyota but it looses me with the flat side, same for the Ford. I really like the side body lines that Chevy and Dodge put into their cars. So since Dodge is gone I guess I would have to pick the Chevy SS.

#3 “Should the Most Popular Driver Award be matched with the results on the track?”

What? No! Why in the heck would you do that?? We have that award already, Brad Keselowski won it this year! It’s the Most Popular Driver Award, it has ZERO to do with performance, heck Danica Patrick won it in Nationwide for goodness sake! Base it of souvenir sales, base it off twitter mentions, base it off whatever you want the result is going to be the same. Are we really that bored two weeks into winter that this is an issue for people to complain about? Give me a break!

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